Move with Purpose, Awareness, and Smile...have Fun!


Nani, I love your BUTI classes. Every one is challenging yet feminine, creative yet familiar, and supporting and encouraging. Your enthusiasm and love for what you do and who you are emanate from every pose. What you offer to women- a tribe, a place to belong, a place to be vulnerable, and a place to is so valuable and I look forward to every time you turn on that music! Thanks for helping me be stronger and better on so many levels.
- Jenna


“Working out used to be dirty words to me, and then I met Nani.
Now I truly look forward to going to class as I know I will get an awesome workout that will improve my mind and body.
Nani makes working out fun and inspires me make new goals and work hard to reach them. Even when you want to give up, she finds a way to motivate and encourage you to do more. She continues to give encouragement outside the gym as well offering at home tips and motivating reminders to live a healthy life. Her open, friendly and caring personality makes it easy to enjoy her even when she’s making you wince and sweat thru the tough moves.
I would definitely recommend anyone to try one of Nani’s classes… once you go you won’t want to stop!”
- Stephanie
I LOVE participating in Nani's classes not only because of her beautiful and contagious smile and energy, but also for her focus on form. She explains how to engage my body and muscles correctly to avoid injury and get the most out of my workout. It’s such an important thing for me that I don’t experience a lot of in group exercise and I’m grateful to her for sharing her expertise. Another thing that draws me to her and to take her classes is her encouragement of accepting yourself and loving yourself as you are. I know that when I go to her classes I’m going to benefit from all of these things, PLUS get a muscle burning, hearty pumping, sweaty fun workout! I am definitely much stronger, more flexible and more accepting of myself after participating in Nani’s classes.
- Jodi