See what students are saying about Nani...

Nani has a passion for fitness that electrifies the room every time you walk into one of her classes. She is encouraging and pushes you not only to improve physically each time you take a class with her, but also to see what you may not in yourself.

Nani is one of the amazing ladies who has inspired me to become a Buti yoga instructor next year. The way that she connects to the women in her classes and empowers them is incredible. I hope to share the love that she has shown all of us.
— Ashley
Each class of Nani’s is a treat! You come out of the class energized after a challenging and fun-filled session.
— Sowmini
Nani, I love your BUTI classes. Every one is challenging yet feminine, creative yet familiar, and supporting and encouraging. Your enthusiasm and love for what you do and who you are emanate from every pose. What you offer to women- a tribe, a place to belong, a place to be vulnerable, and a place to is so valuable and I look forward to every time you turn on that music! Thanks for helping me be stronger and better on so many levels.
— Jenna
Nani is a one of the best multi-platform fitness educators I have ever met!
She has been a tremendously positive impact on my fitness journey and I consider her
to be one of my mentors. After losing a tremendous
amount of weight, I quickly found myself in the fitness education industry as a
Zumba fitness instructor. If I ever have questions on how to approach any element
of fitness, through life-balance and/or education, I always trust her expertise and guidance.
— Ronnie
I started going to Nani’s classes in 2011 and her energy and passion for Zumba was motivational and inspiring!! I love the way that she encourages and smiles and makes you forget the clock!!! Class is always over too quickly and she leaves you begging for more!! She even inspired me to become a Zumba instructor of which she has been a fabulous mentor and friend. Thank you Nani!!!
— Alisa
If you haven’t been to Nani’s Zumba class you are missing out! You will be smiling so much you might even forget you are working out! I’ve been taking classes from Nani for over three years now. She was definitely an inspiration in my own journey to become a Zumba instructor. So if you want a sweaty hard core workout get your butt to Nani’s class ASAP.
— Missy
Nani, your spirit and smile inspire me so much to become a healthier me. My weight has always been an issue and not something I really focused on until 2 years ago, when I started doing Zumba. You were part of that journey and introduced me to BUTI. I never thought I’d have the strength, physical or mental, to do that class with you, but you pushed me, and continue to push me, to my limits and beyond and challenge me to be a stronger, better me. Exercise has become so much more than a weight loss journey for me. You showed me that it’s about loving myself, no matter where I’m at in life, and accepting who I am right now. It’s about connecting with people who share similar values and empowering each other to become the best we can be. Anytime I feel good about what I’m doing, I can hear you saying “YES!” in my mind
— Kristin
I am a great fan of Nani’s. I started my weight loss almost 3 years ago. I decided I could try one of the ZUMBA classes and Nani was the instructor. She was full of motivation and never made me feel insecure about my ability. I take her classes whenever I can. I love the Zumba and Pound classes. Now exercise has become a big part of my life. I still have a ways to go, but I know I’ll get there. Thanks
— Vicki S.
Thank you for being a big part of my fitness career. I started taking your classes two years ago and quickly lost 30 lbs. Your experience and knowledge allows you to create dynamic programs that burns calories in a low impact style (which these old bones appreciate).

While all of that is important, I honestly would not have kept coming back if you also didn’t make it so much fun.
Thank you for the inspiration,
— Damon
Working out used to be dirty words to me, and then I met Nani.

Now I truly look forward to going to class as I know I will get an awesome workout that will improve my mind and body.

Nani makes working out fun and inspires me make new goals and work hard to reach them. Even when you want to give up, she finds a way to motivate and encourage you to do more. She continues to give encouragement outside the gym as well offering at home tips and motivating reminders to live a healthy life. Her open, friendly and caring personality makes it easy to enjoy her even when she’s making you wince and sweat thru the tough moves.

I would definitely recommend anyone to try one of Nani’s classes… once you go you won’t want to stop!
— Stephanie
I have always known Nani to be an incredible Zumba and Yoga instructor, always pushing you (safely) a little beyond what you thought you were capable of (producing that amazing feeling that only comes when pushing your own limits). In a BUTI yoga class with her, I feel like all of this amazing aspects of who Nani is and what she is capable of, come together to make not only an incredible booty-kicking workout, but if you go, an experience that might just change your life. Thank you Nani for everything from the bottom of my heart!!!!
— Alesha
Nani is a great instructor! Inspiring and encouraging. She makes her classes so fun you don’t realize how hard you’re working. Always giving tips on form. Not only how to do it but why to do it. She wants the best for her students and it shows!
— Shari
Nani is a motivating instructor who really cares about each individual
Having the most effective and safest workout in her class whether it be dance fitness class or a yoga.
She is also an asset to the teachers of the Pacific NW as she hosts trainings in the area, allowing for local teachers to have access to the best trainers. She is so approachable in asking for advice or support.
She is also an inspirational example of walking the talk..she follows the healthy lifestyle and it shows in her mind body and spirit.
— Caz
I have been taking various classes with Nani for about 3 years now, Zumba, Yoga, Pound, BUTi and a few others. I LOVE participating in her classes not only because of her beautiful and contagious smile and energy, but also for her focus on form. She explains how to engage my body and muscles correctly to avoid injury and get the most out of my workout. It’s such an important thing for me that I don’t experience a lot of in group exercise and I’m grateful to her for sharing her expertise. Another thing that draws me to her and to take her classes is her encouragement of accepting yourself and loving yourself as you are. I know that when I go to her classes I’m going to benefit from all of these things, PLUS get a muscle burning, hearty pumping, sweaty fun workout! I am definitely much stronger, more flexible and more accepting of myself after participating in Nani’s classes.
— Jodi
Nani has helped me so much throughout my weight loss journey. While participating in Nani’s Zumba and Buti classes, she really makes it a point to make sure her clients are using proper form, which for me is super important. After 2 back surgeries having the right form while doing the exercises is key, or I could really hurt myself, and Nani is the BEST! Not only is she excellent in what she does as a teacher, but as a general life coach, Nani is so supportive, and uplifting throught every aspect of my experience with her. I have known Nani for a little over 2 years now, and it’s been a blast, as well as educational. If you want results, check her out. I lost 70 lbs (with the help of her, and some other positive coaches in my life, as well as making some serious life changes). Thank you Nani for being a blast to work out with, and making exercise a fun and invigorating experience!
— Katie T.
I am your biggest fan! I was introduced to Zumba by you. You made it so much fun and we shared time together laughing and dancing, precious moments! You inspired me to become an instructor and mentored me. Thank you for opening all those doors. I love you and love it when we teach together!
— Victoria - mom
I have attended many Zumba classes and events conducted by Nani, usually traveling much farther than I would normally go for work outs. Why? Because I have been very impressed by her starting with the very first time she came as a sub to one of the Zumba classes I attended. I liked her routines, selection of songs, energy & smile. I liked how well she was doing Zumba and how much she seemed to be enjoying it, and how good she was at encouragaing students to do well and how fun too.

Another thing I like about Nani is that she’s a very accomplished Yogi. It is easy to see her Yoga flexibility allows her to move well in the Zumba class too.

She’s an awesome teacher, very talented and inspiring! I appreciate her for not only being a teacher but a good friend too.
— VJ
Nani is an awesome licensed fitness professional! Her classes are FUN, she uses a variety of music and...she is always taking requests for your favorites. I love the way I feel afterwards and think- WOW! that was a quick hour and you feel so good the rest of day.
— Linda K.
Nani is an amazing yoga instructor. She is passionate and very energetic about what she does. She really makes you sweat and work hard and at the same time makes you feel amazing and powerful about yourself. Nani also checks in with you throughout the workout to make sure you are ok and to remind you that you are amazing and boosts your confidence.
I discovered my own passion for exercise and Buti Yoga through her class and am now inspired to pursue this style and other styles of yoga because of Nani.
— Oreet
I am sometimes intimidated by the thought of a new routine or workout. Some instructors can be drill sargeants or the layed back you feel like the work out was not effective.
Nani’s Buti class is a perfect fit for me and women of all sizes, ages and experience. She has a contagious smile and an infectious energy that your body and mind pick up and move to. Nani is very skilled in encouraging you. The work out itself feels like you are just having a great time dancing and moving to the music. I LOVE THAT. It’s a class you walk away from knowing you did your body and mind a great service. I would highly recommend this class and have recommended it to all of my friends. I look forward to many classes to come. I am so proud to be a member of the Butitribe!!!
— Lucy
Nani’s class is exciting, fun, and empowering. She is a constant inspiration and motivation to everyone in her class. I always took the time to workout, but it was more of a chore than an enjoyment. Now I look forward to her Saturday morning class. Buti Yoga and Nani create a positive atmosphere that is unparalleled in the fitness world. Be ready to workout with intention and leave the class feeling stronger and more courageous than when you arrived.
— Kim
Nani is my favorite instructor and I went every time she was teaching. I felt like I could just let loose in her classes and I would have gone every day if I could! She is so fun and encouraging. Since then, I have moved to California for college and have started teaching Zumba classes here at my school. I love it! Zumba has changed my life and gotten me out of my comfort zone and it all started because of Nani’s classes. Thank you so much! I wish I could keep taking her classes because they’re hands down the BEST!
— Katrina A.
Nani you are such awesome teacher, you make me want to be there. Tried new classes due to your inspiration, thank you very much
— Debbie
I have been taking Nani’s classes at Portland State for about two years now. Going to her 9:00am class every morning is always something I look forward to. It helps me wake up and get energized for the remainder of the day. She is very welcoming and joyful, making the Zumba experience even more fun for her students. She always encourages everyone to enjoy themselves and treats all students with a lot of care. This allows new students to assimilate into her classes easily without feeling intimated or awkward from a new learning experience. I have also taken several friends of mine to try Nani’s classes and they absolutely loved it. Nani is simply awesome and regardless of how much I write in this testimonial, I could never capture how great she is as a person and as an instructor. So take her class and experience the awesomeness for yourself!
— Anastis